You just knew this would happen

All along, even from Trump's election, as the Stock Market increased without bound and in an unprecedented level and rate the national media never gave one infinitesimal bit of credit to Donald Trump or his administration or policies.  Just like other areas of the economy the Mainstream Media has ignored positives because they totally did not want to take a chance that Donald Trump would get credit.  As a result, you would have never known that Trump's policies or the optimism around is election has affected the Stock Market.   

Just let there be a huge drop in the market though and there is no shortage of commentators or news people that are ready to assign guilt or blame on Trump.  Although it's so predictable and expects it's still a sad commentary on today's media and the times we live in.  It's still such a valid demonstration of their Trump Derangement Syndrome that is so prevalent in liberals, the Media, and Hollywood today.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Kraven posted:

It was just time for the brokers and insiders to rake the table.

That's one of many reasons; folks also forget that we now have a global economy and all the world's central banks have done some strange things and now they are starting to unwind the weirdness. I believe that there is some fear that with the wage inflation (Remember all those announcements of wage increases lately!) that the Fed will get ahead of itself in raising interest rates to tame future inflation. Raising rates also compounds that $10 Trillion the Ol'bama administration blew through for nothing to buy votes for Dems.

direstraits posted:

Economists have predicted a 7 to 10 percent correction for a couple of weeks.  Its arrived -- 6 percent, so far. I've forwarded a couple of buys to my broker.  I like buying stocks on sale. 

That's probably the right move; I suspect that Wall Street threw a brushback pitch at Jerome Powell so that interest rates climb just a few basis points at a time. Kraven's brokers and insiders are probably hoping to pick up some good buys from shaking out the fearful investors from the market. Bonds still aren't a good buy yet.

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