Greatly Tax the rich and the rich will leave.  New York is having a problem in that they are greatly increasing taxes on the wealthy and the wealthy, having the means, are leaving the state which then means less taxes are being brought in due to it.  Still you have so many liberals wanting to greatly tax, and punish, the rich or those who have been able to accumulate wealth while promising to give away everything to everyone.  it just doesn't work that way.

The crazy thing is that those who leave the state either to avoid the high taxes or in retirement end up moving to states where the taxes are Low or non-existent and then they end up voting (or donating to) the exact same type politicians that created the mess they ran from.  Typical liberal voter.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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RiverDance posted:
I didn't realize certain forum members had access to all maga
folks meetings. Why don't the Libs ask for more money, oh wait,
that's all they do

Ok then.  As maga folk, do you riverdance, believe that wealthy Americans should be exempt from making America great again?  If they leave, would that make them un-American?  

Asking for more money is ok,,, however the ones you mentioned are democrat.  however voting to tax someone for your own desires is theft.   I pay my own way and raised my children to pay their own way.   What is their fair share?    

I picked democrats for a reason.  The marginal tax rates like AOC is proposing are nothing new.   Everyone should have the opportunity to work and pay their own way.  I don't know what you mean by "to tax someone for your own desires."    If someone or a corporation can lobby congress to give them tax breaks for their own desires, I don't see why we the people can't ask the wealthy to give a more for infrastructure, education, training programs, higher wages, etc.  Otherwise, what does make america great again mean?

difference there is lobbing for tax break is asking to keep their own money, where as people asking the wealthy to give more is asking for someone else's money.  The democrat way,, spending others money, telling them how to think, who to hire, what to pay.   Yes I would like to see the wealthy do more, however as it is now they pay most of the taxes, while we give tax money to people that do nothing.  

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